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African Reggae Royalty: Samini Shares Stage With Rocky Dawuni

Ghana flags moved with the silent (almost non-existent) winds on stage, behind and above Samini, black and yellow highgrade flags moved beneath his feet as core members of the Samini fanbase wield them with joy. 

For Saminifest 2019, Samini reached deep into his era, drawing from the best of Ghana’s league of legends like Prince Birght of BUKBAK fame, T-Blaze whose ‘Wo Sisi’ still needs no introduction - to share stage with him on this big day.

Amongst many of these invitees was Rocky Dawuni - a brother by tribe, music and legacy whose music has had so much influence over the years in Africa, becoming a UN Goodwill Ambassador earlier this year.

Our impression of this event:
Samini is an institution when it comes to Reggae and Dancehall movement and culture in Ghana; Rocky Dawuni makes a huge part of the very foundation upon which this institution was built. Seeing the both of them on stage in celebration of a 2 decade old milestone, has to be one of the highlights in 2019, these are legends flying the colours of Ghana while blowing African horns.
The short but very ethnic and cultural reggae performance was enough to establish the regal status of these two legends, and to further crown Samini’s glory for all efforts made towards a sterling career of two decades.  The duo wasted no second, they sang, they shook hands, they served the audience till memories of their performance was etched at a much deeper place in their minds.

Here are some photos from the event:

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