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"It took Me 12 Years For My 1st True Opportunity". Rick Ross Inspires Cj Biggerman

CJ Biggerman etched his name in the Year of Return highlighting moments when he surprised Rick Ross with a free style at the airport shortly after he arrived. 

Rick Ross who had been booked for DettyRave, enjoyed this surprise and went further to film this session with his phone for his Instagram. CJ Biggerman did not only get the buzz on social media but also scored an opportunity to join the American rapper's set at Detty Rave.

A lot of fans, industry insiders etc. have described his episode as an admirable act of confidence and determination. From Sarkodie, to Mr Eazi - the organiser of Detty Rave, to Lighter TOD and a host of others.

There is a huge chance that Rick Ross cosigning CJ Biggerman goes beyond how good CJ Biggerman was with his flow, the whole act of confidence reminded the biggest boss of a younger him, who had strived for so many years before making his bones.

More reason, the MMG boss replied an inspirational post by CJ Biggeman on Instagram, urging him not to give up. He revealed it took him 12 years for a true opportunity to showcase his art to the world.

Cj Biggerman who has had a surge in all his online activities now has a huge pad to build his 2020, and eyes are definitely watching for him to match up with his weight.

Discover CJ Biggermans songs here.

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