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Nshorna Gave Rise to the Azonto Craze - King Of Accra

One of Ghana's golden moments for Ghana in this passing decade under review is the Azonto music movement that caught fire globally. Nshorna, born Nii Bortey is the producer known to have created the very template for the Azonto music movement and facilitated the making of several songs during this era.

Left - Nshorna, Right - Sarkodie
From the start of the decade around 2010, artistes like Sarkodie, FUSE ODG, Donae O and several others made huge strides with the movement, earning very huge online streams among other benefits.

However, comparably little is known about the amazing producers behind this era, fuelling the movement. Apparently, one of such producers is Nshona who arguably pioneered the making of the azonto beats.

Producers not getting enough appreciation and credit for their creation is a topic has been held and discussed about severally on social media. King of Accra, a colleague producer raised this very one about Nshona on Twitter, when asked to tweet about a random music fact in the decade.

The tweet has sparked several interesting questions including:

  • Where is Nshorna now?
  • Did he make enough income as these artistes?
  • Does he even have any rights in some of these successful songs?
  • Is it too late to make adjustments on those income?

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