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Kyeiwaa divorced less than a week after marriage?

kyeiwaa weddingThe marriage of Kumawood star actress, Rose Mensah alias Kyeiwaa has turned out to be more interesting and complicated than any movie role she has ever played.  The 52-year old actress has ended her marriage to Daniel Osei aka Kwasi Bronya, in less than a week. Kyeiwaa married the
Kumasi-based spare parts dealer last Sunday.
Kyeiwaa has confirmed to Kasapa News‘with Maame Broni that it is all over with Osei, who is alleged to have cheated on two women previously. News is rife that Osei rented a crowd for Sunday’s ceremony and that his supposed family he brought was not his real people. The 52 year old actress, Kyeiwaa is said to have stormed the residence of her husband Osei on Thursday to seek her divorce from the man he married over the weekend.
“I still gave him benefit of the doubt. I still didn’t want to believe it was true that he had a wife”.  She noted disappointingly.
“I have never liked married men. He wasn’t truthful; so when i realized he had a wife, I decided to exit.
“He didn’t show any sign that he had a wife. We dated for a year. I trusted him but he chose to betray me. He is very cunning. The way he is, he can easily get you to fall for him”.
“I met him on the streets of Kumasi. I knew he had a child but he assured me that he had not engaged her. So it came to me as a shock that he had actually married her legally,” she bemoaned as she spoke to Fiifi Banson.
A colleague actress to Kyeiwaa, Vivian Jill, who was at last weekend’s ceremony, told Kasapa 102.3 FM that apart from the few Kumawood stars that came to support Kyeiwaa, those who came with Osei were rented and “not true family relations as he made us to believe.”
“We’ve just found out he even rented the people he claimed were his family relations. This man is full of deceit,” an incensed Jill told Kasapa 102.3 FM on Thursday.
This development has turned out to be a sour one for Kyeiwaa when many fans of hers had expressed joy and excitement for her new status as a newly married woman.
Meanwhile a human rights lawyer, Mary Ohenewaa Afful is urging the actress to sue the man for bigamy and be compensated for money she has invested into preparation towards the failed marriage. She spoke to Happy FM news.
Osei is reported to be making feverish preparation to leave the shores of Ghana.
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