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I'm here to show Ghana my real face – Comedienne Emmanuella

A rising Nigerian star has found her way to Ghana in the form of six-year-old comedienne, Emmanuella.  Known for her funny skits shared on Facebook and YouTube, the young jokester arrived in Ghana on Wednesday morning ahead of an upcoming comedy show in Accra.  Upon arrival, Emmanuella sat down with Doreen Avio of Hitz FM to discuss how she got into comedy and her future in the tough business of getting people to laugh.  The young comedienne who celebrated her 6th birthday last month said she has been doing comedy for two years and is grateful to God for the gift of making others happy.  She admitted to wanting to continue with sharing this gift as she grows older with other lifetime aspirations of becoming a make-up artist and a bank teller.  In reference to what brought her to Ghana, she made reference to her popular skit, ‘This Is Not My Real Face’ as she joked, “I’m here to show Ghana my real face!”  Emmanuella is set to perform at the Efua Sutherland Park in Accra on Saturday, August 13.  She is sharing the stage with comedian Kalybos and entertainers Nii Funny, Comedian OB,

Source MyJoyOnline
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