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Shatta Wale In The News Again About His London Concert.

Sometimes i wonder why some of these showbiz critics have to be rough on the achievement of our celebrities.
Ghanaian Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale is has appeared in the news again after some showbiz pundits kept comparing his Indigo O2 concert in London  with the One Sarkodie headlined some time back at  the same venue. The baseline arguement of these pundits was which one sold out, and why, and a whole lot of other arguments which was not deemed positive by Shatta Wale and his management. As a result he replied this confusion and 'negativity' of these pundits, bu this time not with a  usual,diss'. He instead begged these pundits to stop comparing his recently held concert with Sarkodie's.
This is what he said exactly 

However more inquiries from the organizers of both Shatta Wale and Sarkodie's concerts, Akwaaba UK, affirmed that it was understandable Shatta Wale had a larger audience since both shows were held at different climatic seasons, thus winter (Sarkodie's concert)  and summer (Shatta Wale). Both concerts were very great and a good progress for the Ghanaian music industry.
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