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Eman Sinare is young Ghanaian actress with charming smile and gravitating personality, The young actress is working  very hard and taking over with her excellent performance  In all movie roles given to her.
Eman Sinare is one of the 2013 graduates of Ola SHS and an alumna of Ho polythenic.
She was born and breed in Ho a town in the volta part of Ghana with her family
, Later moved to Accra to join her aunty our Ghana screen goddes Kalsume Sinare to take after in her the film industry, 2 years in the industry so far and she's doing amazing. She has starred in movies like " Angels Whips" sly and her latest one which is about to be premier on the 22nd october at the Silverbird cinemas titled SALA produced by her aunty Kalsume Sinare. She starred along side Jackie Appiah, Fred Amugi, Kalsume sinare, directed by Kobi Rana. Douce reaching that Eman Sinare gave an outstanding performance in that film which made her win her next big hit which she's playing lead titled "Emefa" going to be produced by the famous prnet
ction house SAWUDIGH MULTIMEDIA, Known to be own by our very own youngest film maker in Ghana UMAR KRUPP written by Ghana's Tyler Perry SAMUEL BRAVO. The rest of the cast of the film has not yet been released, Ghana should watch out for Enam SInare, Her constant reinvention and on-set activity has turned her into an extremely exciting Actress to watch. She's here to stay.
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