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CrissWaddle Sends An Apology Letter To ShattaWale

 Criss Kwaku Waddle , known  in showbiz circles as Criss Waddle is a Ghanaian rapper and CEO of AMG Business Record label. Sometime back in 2016,the Ghanaian music biz witnessed a misunderstanding between him and Shatta Wale that led to the recording of diss songs against each other. As typical of most misunderstandings between artistes, they seem never to end! But what do we have here today.?? AMG Business boss Criss Waddle today, Posted an open letter to Shattawale on His Facebook Page.
And the letter reads:

Maybe we could say,Waddle grew up, eschewed pride and did the big man thing by sending the letter. An act which is really commendable and important for a healthy industry. Or there could be other reasons. Stick and stay; we will bring you more exclusives as the drama unfolds.
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