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The journey has been tough and rough but he has been able to keep his head up high, focusing with crystal clear ambition cum consistently working hard, thinking critically with level headed content, DXD's 15:00 EP is almost ready for release. It has 10 tracklist that are spellbinding. The EP official drops in May, 2017. The bonus track on the list ft Eye Judah titled "atsu maame kodey" is already receiving massive airplay on ready.  The video is also in progress to compliment the song.

As innovative, original and  a big dreamer as DXD is, he has tenaciously putting a lot of works into his craft constructively to loud the genesis of his music career from back in the days when he started music till present day in his upcoming project.

The EP has on it, big leaguers like multiple awarding artist Edem, Nigerian R&B songwriter, producer and singer Praiz, Czech Republic based Ghanaian hip pop / rapper D.Boy and Kaka, one of the biggest versatile singer from Denmark.

Music as a universal language, everybody can relate regardless of the language barrier, but there's something extra thunder striking about DXD's style as an artist that has made him distinctive figure amidst others. The EP explains it best.

15:00 EP is unarguably substance over hype.
Written by; John Claude Tamakloe
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