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DXD Had a Seasoning Interaction With 5 Special Fans Via Phone Call, Here's The Video

Last weekend (2/4/2017) was both hyperactive and fun interacting day for seasoning afro beats icon, DXD and his fan base. Basically, It is basically about his upcoming EP titled 15:00 and the whole idea behind the fun interaction between DXD and his fans was to expose his fans to get more personal and ask questions concerning his upcoming project, ask questions about his career and personal life  via phone call, which 5 fans were picked at random. On that same day, the first phase of the #Atsumaamekodey video, the first single on off the EP ft Eye Judah was been shot. Prior to that he made a post on his his facebook page to draw the attention of his fans about the initiative he was taking two day before the D-day. DXD was truthful, loyal and lived up to his promise by personally calling 5 fans at random. During the interaction there was one fan who asked couple of thought provoking questions that are mind blowing but in response to the questions his fan bombarded him with, DXD made some remarkable statements that might strike your interest, the interaction was recorded, here's the direct link to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvUw4L2A2iY&t=37s

Get interactive with DXD via his social media platforms; 
Facebook : @DXDMUSICGH 
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Instagram : @DXDMUSICGH 

Written by: John Claude Tamakloe.
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