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The 18th edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards that was held last Saturday at the A. I. C. C pulled a lot of surprising and shocking stunts.Apparently one of such is MEDIKAL not receiving even one award out of his 7 nominations.

In fact, since last Saturday, he has being the talk of social media, receiving sympathetic words of encouragement from people who believe he was cheated and others: just cynical trolls. 
Apparently, Medikal's hard work last year cannot be overemphasized and this is mostly evident in his bagging of 7 solid nominations, including the grande artiste of the year category. He had more hit songs than any other artiste in that category.
In spite of his loss, we believe he just might have won the biggest award that night. 

Don't get bored yet. Here is our case:

The VGMA's credibility has been sored greatly over these few years;  (maybe we can say) greatly after Shatta Wale's banter with Charter house  in 2014. It has since then, gone so bad to the extent that, our awards have clearly depreciated in value.(Gone were the days where the Sarkodie's and Stonbwoy's were getting BET nominations and awards based on their win for the Artiste of the year category). Seemingly in present days, the only benefit of a VGMA award for an artiste is PUBLICITY. You only enjoy the fame after a VGMA award.
If this is crystal clear, then it can arguably be stated that,

For an artiste to have seven nominations and not win even one??  This has fetched him more than enough publicity after the event;  he became the talk of twitter for three days straight and still counting.

Undoubtedly MDK is a good, hardworking and one 'hell of a"catchy rapper. He is set to release an album which has Omar Sterling and Falz the Bahd guy featured on it.
He has also earned for himself a good connection with the 'big guys" on top of the music ladder, talk of the Shatta Wale's, Sarkodies and the Stonebwoys. Music features and concert openings is an easy task for Medikal. 

Fine, maybe he didn't deserve these awards more than his competitors arguably. We are not here to dispute that. All we're saying is that, for a young musicians with such a feet in the industry, he has nothing to lose. 
His losses at VGMA's has rather provided him enough fuel to shoot him to an African space where he can rock shoulders with some of his compatriots like Mr Eazi and Eugy.

He might not have won a plaque or an award trophy, but everything that comes with the award, he surely did get.
This is what we think, what do you also make out of this? Thanks for reading.
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