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Bryan the Mensah's Friends with The Sun EP Just Got A Lot More bigger And Better

You would agree with us that; just like every; regular project; the value that comes with it determines its impact to a larger extent. We’ve seen musicians embark on humanitarian and socializing courses prior to album releases just to leverage on that soft spot to communicate the essence of that album to its audience; both prospective and existing. A typical example could be J’Cole’s ‘4 Your Eyez Only’ documentary which sought to bring black perseverance to the forefront.

In this piece; we delve into how Bryan The Mensah is employing such a strategy to to ensure a very impactful album release.

Friends with the Sun is a forthcoming music project by one of Ghana's young and passionate music creators. The EP which has been slated for release  August is sure to be a bag of quality production, intriguing content, and a clear expression of an artistic growth.

In view of this, Bryan The Mensah is bent on adding more flesh to the album; so come this August we’re going to have a quadruple treat from Bryan instead of just the regular 8-track EP. According to him; 'Friends With The Sun Ep' would be complimented with an art collection, a short film, and an apparel merchandise; 

Now thats quite a remarkable and thoughtful move;but this is where it gets interesting

Bryan The Mensah disclosed that; this move is to describe and express in other forms other than audio; the personal experiences that informed the EP. He added that; the art collection was directed by himself and the PLEGISHES team; a group of creative fine arts geniuses. Bryan exclusively detailed out that the paintings is a sum of significant experiences he went through in the early part of 2016  right up to the very moment he rebranded from Denny to Bryan The Mensah. He said
It (the paintings) is supposed to describe exactly what I went through before I found myself.
The apparel merchandise is also being facilitated by Tseda; a young  clothing line from Africa. According to Bryan The Mensah ‘The merch basically reflects a fusion of ideas that represents Africa; with practically a lot of color to represent Africa’s diversity.

The EP is to hit all major streaming and sales platforms by the first week in August; and the thirst for the project seems to increase as time passes.

Bryan did not disclose any detail of the short-film to us tried as we did; as he envisions to pull a huge surprise with that one. 
His only response to our question about the short-film was 
"You know i'm good with surprises right?
Well; per what we’ve seen within this short period in hiscareer, it’s a definite yes to that question. For now we can only keep fingers crossed in anticipation of a personal friendship with the sun. We’ve got to give props to everybody involved in creating this amazingly thoughtful musical experience; we hope to see the EP amass a consummate impact.
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