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The Way and Manner Royalties Are Allocated In Ghana Is An Insult To Musicians – Gyedu Blay Ambolley

HipHop and HipLife originator and major influencer has thrown shots to the administrative and management institutions for Ghanaian music for being childish and unaccountable.

The father of hip hop; was on Rythmz live today with Berla Mundi discussing high-life music, GHAMRO (Ghana Music Rights Organisation) and MUSIGHA (Musicians Union of Ghana). Berla and the legend music maker, had quite an intriguing and revealing discussion as Ambolley in the quest of answering all the tough questions expressed utter dissatisfaction with the Ghana Music Rights organization as well as the Musicians Union.

Ambolley who has been on the necks of GHAMRO and MUSIGA for a while now, today voiced out his dissatisfaction. He revealed that GHAMRO has failed to apply ‘best practices’ in the generation of revenue and the allocation of these royalties. He termed the allocation process as an insult to musicians and proposed that, an accountable and a more responsive structure is the remedy to the woes of GHAMRO and musicians at large. Ambolley emphasized that, it’s high time Ghanaian music fetched money for its rightful and respective intellectual property owners; from the appropriate sources.

The underlying premise of his argument was that, the same way a parent would recommend football for his child should be the same for music. This is basically not so because; football has a more defined structure for income generation than music; in the sense that, football pays salaries, gives winning bonuses, several allowances etc; whilst a musician is only assured of proceeds from concert performances and probably commercial sales of songs on reputable online stores like ITunes.

 Lets witch to what Ambolley had to say about MUSGHA and Obuor as President

When asked to rate/assess Bice Osei Kuffour (Obour) on a scaleof 1 to 10, he gave the existing president of the Musician Association of Ghana (MUSIGHA) an alarming 2/10. He expressed his disgust at Obuor and his team calling them ‘a group of little children’ who are not up to task. Ambolley blamed this issue with the unattractiveness of the MUSIGHA saying:

‘Musicians do not want to involve themselves in the MUSIGHA because there is nothing in there for them’
Ambolley’s statement and perception of an unattractive MUSIGHA seems to connote a lack of direction and a weakness in accountability. He supported this with an example where the millions of Ghana cedis allocated to the MUSIGA coffers has not yielded any solid results. He said

‘…..The President has given them 2 million Ghana cedis and when you ask them, they say; they have used it for research. What are they researching about? ‘
On this note, Berla asked if Amboley would like to take up the mantle at either GHAMRO or MUSIGHA in the coming elections. As regards that question, he made it clear, he is not yet certain with answers to that question; (meaning he could take the position or otherwise, but for now he is comfortable where he is and for that matter uncertain about a position of such sort).

He did not leave our musicians out in this backlash though; but we will get into that more in an upcoming article soon to be on this platform. Please take note.

Ambolley in view of Ghanaian music growth divulged that, contemporary artistes needed to identify with the roots of the high life in order to uphold the wealth of the Ghanaian music culture. Ambolley went on to assert that, the reason fuelling this is rooted in the low or decline in musical knowledge on the part of contemporary musicians. He emphasized that contemporary artistes need to engulf themselves in the full knowledge of music and for that matter Ghanaian music in order to maximize its value.

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