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A.I Not So Happy With Burna Boy's Acclaimed 'Re-Up' of his 'GRIND' Hit Single

So apparently Burna Boy caught the 'Grind vibe'; added his quota to it as a re-up but failed to abide by the due diligence required. 
(For your information, to Re-Up something means to refuel or rekindle its potential or strength or simply put to make something better.)
Earlier this week Burna Boy tweeted about a new song 'Chilling Chillin' he was going to release on Friday this today. Jut when we thought this was a big move for A.I, the vocalist cum rapper jumped on to Twitter to express his feelings. This was what he tweeted;

This deal purported by Burna Boy was not only a blow to A.I but also to his partner for this record Vision DJ, ace radio DJ currently with Y Fm. He also tweeted saying:

However, Burna Boy on the other hand is yet to comment on this scandal; for now, as to whether the Re-Up would be released is unknown. Stay put for more exclusives on this issue.
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