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Sarkodie Throw"s Shades At Manifest Again in his latest freestyle

We don't want to do this but hey; we have to keep you INFOTAINED.

So!!! Is the Sark - Mdot 'beef' really dead? Well maybe after reading this; you'll find that answer. (Consider this a narrative of an action already performed.)

So apparently Sarkodie is touring the UK, playing shows and promoting the Highest Album concurrently. All of a sudden the Highest decides to share his State of Mind in a new rap freestyle video recorded in a car.
Everything thing is going on perfectly fine (I mean lines and punches, flow, timing, delivery and all other rap terms available) is on going till it's gets to a particular line; the last line. 

Now this line is where;  the bomb could be hidden. 
The Highest claims in this line  that 'Even those he has given hype to have failed to catch the bigger vision'.
OK. Now who are the 'those' in this line and what exactly could that bigger vision be?
These are all questions only Sarkodie himself can answer;  till then you be the judge... Is he throwing shades at the godMC again?
Oh! Here is the video if you've not already watched it... Let us know what you think?

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