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The Weekend JamRock Comes Back Revamped This Friday

Reggae and dancehall lovers will definitely have a good time come;  Aug 25 as JamRock resurfaces. 
The annual reggae event which promises to deliver an unadulterated,thrilling and relaxing reggae experience to it's audience has been organized for a while now.
Much more energy;  ideas and resources have been channeled into this impending one which promises to be a lift-off moment for Ghanaian reggae industry.

The event comes off this Friday, at the Signature Pub in Tema. This is a moment to enjoy strictly, roots, rock, reggae from Ghana that you thought never existed. The Weekend JamRock will come off at the Signatures Lounge in Tema Community 22; right behind the Kowa Naso Hotel and it's absolutely FREE. 

Activities will span from Raggae/Dancehall music performances to live artiste interviews on stage.
Mark your calendars, take note of the venue and kindly make sure you miss this event not.

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