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IndustryWhisperers: From Artiste Management to Investment Consultancy. How Teddy Mensah became an Ideal Mogul in Ghana's Entertainment Industry

In the showbiz/entertainment industry, with every successful brand, one is bound to find a lot of voices; voices so discrete and unsung yet very powerful and revered. Arguably, this is mostly as a result of their commensurate support and sacrifice during the ugly days of building; days long before the fame and the awards, and obviously before the fancy clothes, cars and traction we see today.

Welcome to industry whisperers, a motionhypegh.net initiative to unravel the silent but influential voices who have contributed immeasurably to our industry. Our aim is simple; to bring to the forefront, efforts and sacrifices that have built and inspired some of the strongest artistic brands we see today.

(This is our first episode, and so do not worry, you're just in time for the party, you have not missed at all).

Who is Teddy Mensah?  Why is he on our blog today?

Teddy Mensah is currently an investment adviser and a portfolio manager with one of the most reputable financial firms in the country; Goldman Capital. Prior to this, he was the Personal assistant and public relations officer to one of Africa's favorite musical faces-the Bhimnation President; Stonebwoy during the early 2000's. 

About Teddy Mensah

Teddy Mensah Eric hails from the Volta region of Ghana. His days as a little kid in the township of Ashaiman was mostly filled with school, and football with friends. He had his basic education from the Kingscourt College and the Ashaiman No.2 public school; and then continued to Boso Senior High Technical School for secondary education where he started developing interests in arts and entertainment. After an HND degree in HO Polytechnic; Teddy climaxed his education with a BSC degree in marketing at the University of CapeCoast. During this period, he was an active member in the entertainment committees of both his faculty and his hostel of residence.

Somewhere in 2002, Teddy met Stonebwoy through a mutual friend; who also later became a devout contributor to the Bhimnation brand. In no time, they became these young boys from different homes, with different dreams but the same thirst for success. Little after 2005, Stonebwoy's musical journey sky rocketed with all seriousness in high school and that was how Stonebwoy decided to build a brand with his loyals which at at that time included Mr Teddy Mensah, Sidiku Mohammed (Blakk Cedi) and a few more; some of which we still see today.

There was not one specific role to play, all we knew at that time, was that our brother was talented and the whole world deserve to feel the talent, we wanted both his music and his name to be everywhere.- Teddy Mensah.
Apparently, this spirit filled and carried the spirits of the all the team members; in times of little or no money there was enough charisma to fuel the vision. Teddy's days as the PRO were filled with errands for promotional, and marketing for the brand and all it's influences.
I was like the info box and mouthpiece to the nation - Teddy Mensah.
                                                                  From Left to Right, Stonebwoy, Ruff and Smooth (Bullet), Teddy, Ruff and Smooth (Gun)
From Left to Right, Stonebwoy, Joselyn Dumas, Teddy Mensah
                                                                       From Left to Right, Teddy, Kafu Danku and Stonebwoy
From Left to Right, Benny Blanco Stonebwoy, Teddy and Ama K Abebrese
From Left to Right, Stonebwoy, Teddy, K.O.D

Highlights of Achievements and Failures.

From topping radio charts to sweeping Ghana Music Awards in 2015 and the years after; BhimNation has chopped and is still choking a ton amount of successes. To Teddy Mensah; the building days were rewarding; no work ever went in vain; from humble beginnings to refueling an infant musical genre-the reggae dancehall genre.When Teddy was asked his best and most proudest moments, he revealed two of these experiences-one being the very first time Stonebwoy's song was nominated for the VGMA's and being part of the grooms men for Stonebwoy's wedding.

In line with the failures also, Teddy added that; you only fail when you do not learn from your mistakes to improve; a mantra the brand has been committed to 'since Adam'. Through continuous learning and persistence; Stonebwoy's BhimNation can count itself as one of the very successful record labels on the African soil.

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