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Omar Sterling Tweets Back At Tris Ney - A candle loses nothing by lightening another candle

Omar Sterling is not your regular twitter guy, if not announcements, concert release dates, or celebrating Chelsea wins, the Ghanaian twitter community could go months without seeing him.
But guess who caught Omar Sterling's attention on twitter?

Not too long ago; young and budding rapper; Tris Ney announced the release of his 'Victory Through Harmony' inspired project dubbed 'Gbekorlor'. Tris took to twitter and this very platform to make this announcement known to the entire public.

Omar Sterling quoted his tweet just to inspire him some more. This is what he had to say:

Inspiration in whatever form it comes, is a very key factor to the growth of your craft; apparently; what inspires you shapes what comes out of you.

Aside the inspiration, omar sterling engaging with him on social media is a opportunity that can land him lots of appeal online.

We hope Tris Ney exploits this opportunity to it's full potential. Here is a link to his Gbekorlor EP; you can check it out,share to your friends and pass your comments

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