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StoneBwoy Is a Hard Guy ! Shatta Wale Is a Smart Guy; A Vivid Account Of What Happened Between These Two At Stonebwoy's Concert Last Night

Photo Credit - blagogee.com

The night of 30th September through to the dawn of 1st October saw over 40,000 music lovers in Ashaiman for the 2017 edition of Stonebwoy's Ashaiman To The World Concert. Apparently, the pre-hype towards this concert was very huge according to so many factors; one of them being the post made by Shatta Wale on Facebook to mount the stage. Arguably, one could tell the anticipation of the event grounds to see Shatta Wale in Ashaiman for the first time; through the crowd's intermittent 'Waale Waale' chants and the MC's several 'are you ready for Shatta Wale' questions to the crowd?

The question during the early moments of the show was whether Shatta Wale; a notorious 'defamer' and rival to Stonebwoy's brand was all of a sudden going to show up at such a flagship concert for Stonebwoy.

It was all a virtual reality (rumor) until some minutes past two o'clock am, about a half way through Becca's captivating live band performance; the Tema-Ashaiman motorway road glowed up with a presence of Shatta Wale. A very long convoy of sleek cars and heavy-duty motorbikes just popped its head from nowhere; and now half of the crowd were up to their Wale Waale chants again; moving towards the direction of the convoy.

And just like that, it happened!! We cannot state for sure if Becca's performance had to be cut off to prevent a betraying moment; but StoneBwoy just jumped on stage just when Becca was about complet her beautifully composed 'Na Wash'. At this point; all eyes were on the road; shockingly staring at the 'Shatta Wale' slowly riding towards the event grounds.

StoneBwoy started his performance regardless of this destruction, and just like magic the rain; but everybody was back under his feet enjoying from his microphone. StoneBwoy knew just the right way to handle his people, and this is for a fact. With his ability to and past records of holding his crowd whether rain or shine; there was no way the appearance of a convoy could destruct him. Back to back hit singles, soliciting reply from his audience and connecting and uniting them through his intermittent pep talks; Stonebwoy's performance for 2 hours; went just fine. Killing it in a million styles as usual until a point where the whole crowed got almost worked out. But it was understandable though, 2 hours of jamming to StoneBwoy is not an easy task.

All this while Shatta Wale hanged around, allowing StoneBwoy to fatigue the crowd. At this point Shatta Wale was in a car right behind the stage, with motorbikes stunts all around him. The crowd was tired but at least not for Shatta Wale. Now the show had to be closed, the time was about 4: 15 am, after StoneBwoy taking the mic somewhere 2 am. Now the question was, How can Shatta Wale perform after the main performance, but your guess is as good as mine; does Shatta Wale care?

Amidst several interactions, rising temper and persistence between the receptionists on stage and the Shatta Wale facilitating team, the receptionists had to give in for Shatta Wale to join StoneBwoy on stage. Now come and see!!!! The same people that were tired were now chanting as if they had just arrived. The chants were too massive, people at the back who couldn't see the stage could barely understand what was going on.

Shatta Wale started off with his 'Ah Jah guide me, from my enemies them' song thus 'Reality' and then continued with a brief under 15 minutes performance; while StoneBwoy was still on stage. StoneBwoy who still had his crowd glued to his microphone, now had to draw the curtains down.

Shatta Wale pulled a smart one, by managing to be relevant in an environment where we least expected him to even draw close to; but StoneBwoy was a hard guy to contain and tolerate his energy and eventually shove him off his stage like nothing happened.

We had the chance to interract with some of the audience;

To some, Shatta Wale disrespected StoneBwoy; to others they claim StoneBwoy should have known better and not given an opportunist like Shatta Wale a chance.

To some others too; the whole moment looked like an A-list artiste giving opportunity for an upcoming act on the rise to show the world what's inside of him. Funny right???

All in all, having two of the greatest musicians Ghana has ever produced on stage was a very keen and profound moment for the music industry.

Look out for an in depth review of the concert.

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