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What Yaa Pono, Wanlov, Kwaw Kesse And Others Are Sayng About Gays In Ghana

Following H.E Nana Akuffo Addo interview with Jane Dutton on Aljazeera's 'Talk To Aljazeera' where he aired his stance and view on homosexuality in Ghana, a lot of people including celebrities  have come at the president. This interview has opened several discussions about the LGBT society in Ghana.   

Here are what some celebrities have to say about this issue 
Ace rapper, Yaa Pono tweeted saying,
Kwaw Kesse also opined with a series of tweets in reply to a tweet by John Dumelo made asking if homo sexuality should be legalized in Ghana.

Wanlov who is considered more liberal to thoughts of homosexuality legalization then tweeted expressing his disgust to the opinions of Kwaw Kesse and Yaa Pono.
Wanlov further explained himself by 

Although there are no specific laws against homosexuality in Ghana, the country frowns on all sexual acts it deems ‘unnatural’. Homosexuals in Ghana are therefore unable to express their sexuality in public, and their calls to law makers to amend the law to make provision for them have been ignored.

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