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VVIP will never perform on the same stage with Shatta Wale – Prodigal

Prodigal, a member of VVIP, has said with authority that the group will never perform on the same platform with dancehall artiste Shatta Wale.
Speaking on Hitz FM on Monday, the rapper said he is really disgusted at the artiste’s recent utterances and outburst hence he doesn’t see his group sharing a stage with him.
At a recent event at Accra Sports Stadium dubbed: ‘S Concert’ Shatta Wale labeled some top Ghanaian musicians ‘broke’ and hence their inability to boast of cars and houses during and after the peak of their careers.
That incident, linked with Shatta Wale’s recent brawl with some Nigerian artistes, firing a gun in the air and also slapping a bodyguard on stage, has forced Prodigal to render Shatta Wale a bipolar musician.
Reacting to this, Prodigal swore that, “Me and my crew, we will never ever be on any show Shatta Wale is on. Whether they are paying us billions or whatever unless the guy change his attitude and the vibe is right.”
The rapper further noted that “They need to pray for Shatta Wale. They are using him to get to other people. There is no way on earth that I will hate him. I respect him, I don’t like his ways now. He is moving in the wrong direction. He is a talented musician and breadwinner…,” he said.
He advised the SM fans not to “just follow him and say for life. All the negativity must be stopped; they need to wash their brain. Togetherness is the key. No one should give Shatta Wale the chance to go on stage and disrespect others…”
Nevertheless, the member of VVIP concluded that “Shatta Wale is my fellow musician and I will always wish him well and respect him.”
Source - www.yfmghana.com
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