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Ghanaian Female Rapper - Abena Rockstar Featured In A Swedish TV Documentary

Ghana's young female rapper, Abena Rocksta is definitely on a steady rise as she keeps pushing the limits of her music beyond the Ghanaian horizon.

Last year her song Abena was catalogued by the African Studies Department of Howard university for their monthly 'African Hiphop Podcast'- which feature interviews and discussions about the hip hop culture of Africans, both home and in diaspora. This year, Abena Rockstar makes it to the news again with a feature in a Swedish hiphop documentary shot in Ghana to globally unveil Ghanaian hiphop culture.
According to Graphiconline.com.gh, Abena was contacted by the Sveriges TV,  a Swedish national tv station, with an objective of sharing snd documenting Ghana's hiphop culture to the Swedish nationals and the world at large. The documentary was predominantly shot at Brazilian House in Jamestown, a suburb of Accra on the 18th of January, 2018.

When Abena was asked about how she felt about this feat, she divulged that ' “It means a lot of goodness when the brand is growing gradually and getting the needed attention locally and internationally”. She dedicated the gradual success to her supporters and urged that they keep supporting her and the entire creative arts sector of Ghana.
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