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THE MOVIE CATALOGUE: Ghanaian Movies To Watch Out For This February

Alas the ever long January is nearing it's end; the month of love February is fast approaching.

Do you love movies, these Ghanaian stories might just be all you need to celebrate your love dates this coming month. 

1. Apples and Bananas

 Apples and Bananas is a romantic dra-medy written, directed and produced by Kobi Rana. Kobi Rana is on the quest to to fulfill the Vals Night in Ghana by premiering the movie on the 14th of February in all ten regions of Ghana. In both Acccra and Kumasi, the venues for the premiere are the SilverBird and KNUST CCB Auditorium respectively.

2. Heaven Can Wait

The amount of drama and comedy captured in this film is a must see. The movie which features Aaron Adatsi from Yolo fame, Regina Van Helvert etc is a dumb man's ambition to get a very arrogant and beautiful lady to fall in love with him. The movie is ready for premiere on the 3rd of February in Kumasi at the CCB Audtorium, KNUST.

3. In 3 Days

 A minister caught in between the lines after being asked to sacrifice his only surviving child who is worth two times his current wealth and possessions.If he delays, he must compensate the lodge with his wife and later add his son. If he refuses, he faces the ultimate punishment by rotting to death.What will be of him and his family? Find that out on the 3rd of February at the Silver Bird Auditorium, Accra Mall.

4. Pauline's Diary

Pauline's Diary is a twisted tale of revenge, drama and suspense. This movie narrates the story of a young black woman, victimised by domestic abuse and has a quest to break it's acceptance in Africa. Starring Elikem Kumordzie, the movie will be premiered at the SilverBird Cinema on the 23rd of February, 2018
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