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EL's New Song 'Joy' Is A Tribute In Disguise: More Like A Spiritual Healing For Every Ghanaian Body, Mind And Soul.

EL has a new song out titled Joy, usually we would pen down a review or wallow in the fact that the said song is extra ordinary; but no, this time around its different. 


This post is an appreciation for diagnosing the loss, grief and despair of the entertainment industry and  providing the most appropriate medication in its right dosage essential for a healing.

Additionally, this post also establishes a hats off gesture to EL,and of course everyone involved in this Joy project from the writing to the production bit handled by El himself and Kuzie.

The despair being referred to here can be summed up to the huge losses the industry has suffered. (Just a quick reminder: we are only two months into this 2018 year, but Ghana has lost about three key personalities already). We lost Junka Town's flagship female member right on New years day( 1St of January), Ebony passed in February, Super OD exited a week or some few days after. All these losses in the wake of increasing prophecies pointing to the conclusion that, we are yet to lose more.

One may ask - they are not your family members, why are you crying more than the bereaved? 

The answer to that question is rooted in the unmatched number of disappointment and dreams that will crash from these deaths. Ebony alone, died for the nation to understand how a young unconventional 20 year old was leading countless of Ghanaian females to a realm of unlimited empowerment and self actualization.

But Remember Joy Comes In the Morning; In all this EL is assuring us that Joy comes in the morning.
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El is said to have written this song with his mother; an apparent connotation of unparalleled emotions behind the song.

In effect,it has become safe for us to say, that Joy is a love package from EL, his mum, and Kuvie who produced the song to hurting Ghanaians everywhere on this planet. From this perspective, EL is more than worthy to have the opening performance slot at the forthcoming Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

This might not have been the motive hatched by EL from the beginning, but we can't help, not to have unearthed this coincidental perspective.

In a nutshell, this is from all of us here at Motionhype to all gone souls, bereaved hearts, and of course to EL, his mum and Kuzie. Nyame nka y3 ho.
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