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KNUST POLITICS: A Lying Samuel Atta Poku, A Power-Drunk Kelvin Sah, And A Desperate Winnie. - AARON's FOLDER

Dear Samuel Atta Poku, Kelvin Sah and Winnie,

I wish I started this write-up with a proverb, but I don’t want to stress your thinking capacity, I am sure it’s already occupied with your election plans. Hope all of you are doing well and trying your best with your strategies to deceive students to vote for you and then after your votes are secured, you ghost on us; some of you will even come as pastors, the same way our current President came to us but we no bore, some of you too will seemingly appear good and caring people, but it’s all good. 

Wanted to do this for each one of you but i have been busy with work so permit me to combine everything; rest assured I will be brief about this.

Samuel Atta Poku, affectionately called ‘Atta Pee’, your name reminds me of a certain Kwesi Pee and Jagger Pee, they were our parents' celebrities, I doubt you know them. Well, I have no problem with your name, my concern is the result we (KNUST students) expect from you; if names won elections, SAK wouldn’t have been the perfect candidate. Albeit, life still goes on.

 Enough of the cool talk, let's dive right in.

Sammy, can you stop lying to KNUST students? You brand your whole campaign around Student Empowerment but I think there are more pressing issues than what you are bringing to the table.

Honestly, I have nothing against student empowerment but in a society where the authority can just impose a one week halls celebration on us, we are numbed out, so the question is: empowering who and who actually? I recently got attacked by one of your lovers on twitter after I expressed my opinion on your letter to the GUSS hostel management, wow, your people can’t even tolerate the views of others? Hahahaha, laughing like killer!

The whole system is political: Will you be empowered yourself to take our issues to the top authorities? Will you be even empowered to speak for us when all your efforts are being curtailed by the system? I know it sounds like a good campaign message but, NO, tell us the truth Atta-Pee. 

Have you empowered the students who deserve but never get the KBN? 

Have you empowered that student who is given just 3 days to register? Not all of us stay home because our houses are nice, but some of us go against the 3 days registration deadline because we don’t have the money to come to school, who are you going to empower? 

Have you empowered that student who has talent embedded in him or her but because of some greedy people who never want to complete the school after graduation so they never make it?

Stop giving us false hope, if you want to win, maneuver n your way through, don’t falsely act all good and heavenly, don't give us that 'Émpowernment Line'. What has this cripple KNUST student system done for the students that merits our empowerment? Instead of lobbying to provide extra accommodation, you won’t, but you care about dissolving Conti and Katanga. That clearly connotes misplaced priorities. high intake of girls indeed!

Oh and you think writing letters to GUSS (Brunei and Hall 7) is student empowerment? L.O.L you are lost, and did you follow up on the letter? Do you know we are still paying the same fee? So this letter you wrote? ‘It be your own pen and paper’. I want to ask you one question, what if you weren’t going in for the Presidential seat, would you have cared this much enough to write the letter? 
Atta Pee, I wish you the best, unfortunately you will get votes because, from sources, you were in
Opoku Ware, solidarity will get you votes, but if you go on like this with your student empowerment lies, you are just walking around with no hope; sorry to say.

Then hello to a power-drunk Kelvin Sah, the first time I met this fine gentleman was at the swearing- in of SAK, after the ceremony, I was going through the pictures with my colleague and he told me about you, apparently you are a PERSCOBA (old student of St. Peters Boys Senior High School). Fast forward, you went on to win the College of Engineering elections, arguably the largest college in KNUST, and you want to climb the ladder and become the SRC President. That's fine!

Mr. Sah, I don’t have a problem with you chasing your dreams, we all need to have dreams, I mean what is the use of a human being without dreams? Beans! But not just myself, others think you are power-drunk too, you want to beautify your CV. That’s not how it’s done, you should chase this because you have a passion, if not like all of us could have grabbed SRC presidential forms. However, I believe you kept your GPA safe because of this, the passion is needed, or better still you can be like Wofa Atta Pee and give us the student empowerment line.

Heard you are very popular amongst the engineering students and you are their favourite, all I can say is don’t trust these yellow helmets and drawing board boys and girls in that college, they gave up on Baaba when she needed them, they can turn down on you, or the backing from Katanga? Well, that one depends on how much you are going to pay, or you can be like David Dannah and wait for ‘miracles’ as he claims he did, computer touching miracles I am sure.

Can’t end this without wishing you the best Mr. Sah, for brand purposes you should be the SRC President, but don’t worry, I am assured that the girls from Africa will vote for you, they don’t really vote based on policies or any of the good things you say, they just look at the face, fortunately they have the numbers this time, so they can really endorse and vote paaa. Especially when they love the bogus candidate, we blame them for the bad Presidents we’ve had thus far.

Winnie-Winnifred, I personally call you the Fan bender. Why? Because you lied to the dear Africa girls about those ceiling fans just to amass their votes, well, they deserve it.
‘Heeerh you no know the Winnie girl? She go do some deal wey them dey carry ceiling fans come Africa, she dey go SRC sef’, 
 This was what a foot soldier of yours told me on my way back to Brunei from Katanga, I mean he stopped me to tell me to vote for someone because she brought ceiling fans to her hall.

That is not the main issue Aunty Winnie, I called a friend in Africa to ask her if she had seen a ceiling fan in her room or any of the rooms, and it looked like the only ceiling fan in Africa is in your room. Eih, where did the fans go, Winnie? Or there’s a different Africa we don’t know of? 

I would love to refer you to this popular saying by our elders, ‘when a naked man says he will give you a dress, ask of the name’, you couldn’t even help Africa get their imaginary fans, how will you manage the affairs of the school?

For the record 'You are eloquent', but unfortunately, SRC Presidential elctions is not a comm skills test. I am also praying you don’t play the ‘feminist’ card on me or anyone else. how we all rant about KNUST looking down on girls, but if you can lie to us about fans, what can’t you lie to us about. It seems you are desperate, desperate to make history or desperate to make daddy proud of you, I am interested in telling you a fairy tale of the strong Elikplim who ended up raking charity or sympathy votes because she was insulted, and I am sure not even the girls voted for her.

I would love for you to become  SRC President, but can you? We are scared you will betray us like you did to the Africa girls, you will promise us fans and you will give us natural air, you will promise us KBN and you will give us church offering, we can’t trust you Winnie, or? But if you want votes, you should see Athina, she got an empty bus to move around campus making us think there are people in it going to vote, not knowing Opana was playing with the system.

Looking forward to an interesting election this year, it’s an open race I think. Definitely, I would love to be the P.R.O or the event organizing head of whoever that will win, looks like that’s where all the money is, if you think I am lying, ask a certain David ‘Father Christmas-Donation’ Dannah. Wishing you all the best of luck, you will hear from me again.

Disclaimer: The writer, Aaron Richard Eshun, is a staff of KNUST Live. The views expressed in this article are his personal opinions and do not reflect, in any form or shape, those of KNUST Live where he works.
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