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Music Must Be Appreciated And Not Judged - Gabriel Myers Hansen

Through what lens should music be scrutinized? how should music be criticized? Is there anything at all as a good or bad song?

In the quest of answering these questions, We chanced on this insightful piece by Gabriel Myers Hanson, an ace Ghanaian music blogger and contributor at wannaown.com and enewsgh.com.
The alarming compulsion by some radio pundits to wear the cloak of "most feared critic", is causing them to shoot down decent art pieces for no reason.

Hardly advancing any real argument (technical or otherwise), one such pundit, a lady whose name I do not quite remember, declared on Zylofon FM's #ShowbizAgenda this morning, that producer/ singer Standec's recent Afrobeats single "Happy Yoursef", is poor, even accentuating her assertion with frankly derisive slurs. 

What makes a song bad? How are you able to declare a song as poor, especially upon first listen? Must it always be dance-ready, or arrive in the specific way you like your stuff, for it to qualify as a good offering?

If the criticism is about vocal quality, then Joseph Hill, Davido, and even Wizkid have no business doing music, as they do not exactly possess model vocal abilities. 

If it is about instrumentation, Standec's rendition is an excellent piece, especially in how his bass and rhythm inspire such seamless groove. Also largely due the lyrics that make up its content, "Happy Yourself" is listened to with head nods, as well as the ear. 

I've always held that music should be appreciated, not judged. If a song doesn't please your specific palette, it doesn't automatically make it bad. Sigh!
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