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JOSEPH AWUAH DARKO (Okuntakinte) Donates Classroom Furniture To Old Ningo Basic School.

We have been urged by the nation's President to be citizens and not just spectators; today being Ghana's 61st Independence Day Celebration, can you proudly say you are a citizen and not just a spectator?

With this premise, let us shine the light on some bold actions fueling the nation to higher heights and better conditions.

Joseph Awuah Darko needs to be properly acknowledged for trailblazing and championing a course worthy of this much greatness and explosive inspiration. 

Okuntakinte as he is popularly known as, presented 50 three legged stools to the Ningo Basic primary School with support from the Ashesi Student Fund and the Ford Foundation. From all indications, the stools were designed, crafted, produced and furnished by him and his Agbogboloshine.Initiative team.

Following the production process, Joseph (Okuntakinte) applied and employed a high sense of deign thinking prowess and comfortable production materials enough to facilitate the sitting needs of regular day to day kindergarten school activities. According to Joseph, the stools have been medically approved to be suitable for all levels of students, more especially those in kindergarten.

Currently, the musician now turned social entrepreneur is steadily progressing through his new journey, making fine arts (sculptures etc) and facilitating top-notch solutions to very challenging societal issues issues like sanitation among others. 

You can follow him on twitter @okuntakinte to know more about his new journey after music.
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