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TWI IS NOW INTERNATIONAL!! Official Social Media Accounts For La Liga and B.E.T Posting In Twi.

How will it feel, surfing the web and reading content in predominant local languages or having to type in any local language at all, with no bother about how someone else is going to understand your social media post. More like a grande scheme to have a very tailored user experience on the internet.

Well, maybe that would not take too long a time for it to actualize as popular social media accounts on the internet have began trailblazing the 'Twi social Media' trend. (Twi is one of Ghana's numerous languages predominantly spoken by the Akan tribe and widely accepted by Ghanaians).

Thus far, two of such social media brands  are the Spanish 'La Liga' and the entertainment award scheme and channel 'BET'.

La Liga, the official facebook account for the Spanish league; made a post about Sulley Muntari, ace Ghanaian football star who has played for popular clubs like AC Milan in Italy etc and participated in several football tournaments worldwide. The post was to acknowledge his recent move to the Spanish side 'Deportivo La Coruna'.

Usually, that would come in English,inferring from the heterogeneous nature of the target audience and the ease associated with the English language being a lingua franca for many countries in the world. Instead the post was brilliantly made in the Twi language; this got a lot of Ghanaians excited and also boosted the post's reach and engagement. (a win-win situation)

Closely following their timeline, it was reveled that other posts pertaining or relating to Ghanaian players in the spanish league, like this very one Thomas Teye Partye; the Atletico Madrid midfielder.

Another brand which has also joined the 'twi social media posting' train is the Black Entertainment Television brand; tweeting via the officially verified account @BET_INTL.

A tweet was made by Michael Dapaah (Big Shaq of the viral Man's Not Hot Fame) last thursday describing the unfavourable nature of the weather in TWI; BET_INTL which obviously got fascinated by the tweet quoted it saying '3y3 asem o' meaning this is a problem. It was beautiful seeing two social media giants with a very huge online image and influence creating expressions in a Ghanaian language.

One might ask, what is the benefit of this besides the fun and the excitement of seeing TWI on social media instead of perhaps English, French or Spanish.

With digital marketing gaining grounds over traditional approaches to marketing, this tactic when efficiently exploited can give Ghana (Ghanaian marketers) explosive marketing results and return on investment. It also create jobs for Ghanaian social media infuencers who will be needed to keep facilitating this trend.

This is an effort capable of promoting Ghana and our Ghanain-ness to a whole new and unexploited audience. Considering the online community and the traction associated to these brands, a wide people could be learning more about Ghana and sparking tourism interests among them. 

That benefit not withstanding, this effort is also essential to carve out and cement the loyalty of global brands within Ghanaian fans, supporters and audience.

What do you think about this trend, should it be encouraged and why. Join us on our social media via @motionhypegh. Lets interact
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