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Sister Afia blasts Afezi Perry for saying he wrote the entire lyrics to smashed single “jeje”

“Jeje” hit singer seems not to be happy with her colleague artist, Afezi Perry for allegedly spreading force rumors about been the main brain behind the lyrics to the song.
In an interview with Dr. Cann last Saturday, she asked was about the ongoing controversies about Afezi Perry writing the entire lyrics to “jeje” a song that features herself, Afezi Perry and Shatta Wale.

From the horses own mouth, Sister Afia stated emphatically, the song was written by trio; herself, Willis Beatz and Afezi Perry.
So she doesn’t understand why Afezi should spread such false rumors about her in other words dragging her name in the mud. And that she even paid him for his efforts to make the song a success. So why the disgrace? she fumed.
(Story By: John Claude Tamakloe)
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