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Prophet Josiah Aubin launches Two New Books: Keep the Fire Burning & It Is Well.

Trials and sorrows are part of life’s journey but how you approach them is everything. It may sound too simply, but true. In that season of pain, sweet words of comfort help lessen the burden and makes your yolk light. But even better is the confession of conviction, just like that of the Shunamite woman whom bible scholars point to as a great woman of faith. That story forms the basis of the latest Christian literature ‘IT IS WELL’. The book teaches in a more practical and unique way how to deal with the adversities of life. It highlights the limitations of man and relevant principles that can evoke the power of God for supernatural breakthroughs
‘There is no stagnant issue in life so you do not make proclamation and declaration because of where you are going’

Another book, ‘KEEP THE FIRE BURNING’ teaches how to maintain a burning spiritual fire as a Christian. It admonishes modern believers how not to become victims of spiritual coldness by exposing them to some secrets.  

Speaking at the launch of the two books at the Grace Temple branch of Power Victory Chapel, the author Apostle Josiah Aubin jr urged Christians to be steadfast ‘whatever you are going through will not kill you…God’s got you’.  

The book launch of Saturday 12th may 2018 was well attended and the books generously patronised. 

Josiah Aubin jr is a pastor, conference speaker, financial analyst and entrepreneur. He pastors the Grace Temple branch of Power victory Chapel; doubles as the general secretary of the church and exercises zonal headship over four branches. 
He is gifted with an Apostolic Prophetic ministry characterised by awe evoking prophetic atmospheres coupled with intensive prayer and intercession. A seasoned and anointed minister of the Gospel with deep insight God’s word. 
In January 2017, Josiah gave up a promising banking career to pursue fulltime ministry in total obedience and submission to the will of God. His passion to see people empowered to live life their full potential. 
Apostle Josiah Aubin jr is married to lady Mrs Rita Aubin and has a beautiful daughter.

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