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Ghanaians Don’t Respect Paying For Creative Works – Rex Omar

The creative arts industry has being under severe backlash, over the years, from all stakeholders, with regards to the industry’s ability maximize returns and manage efforts. 

The recent of them is from legendary Highlife singer and the chairman of GHAMRO who establishes that Ghanaians-individuals and corporations alike, currently, do not value the creative arts sector and are reluctant in paying for creative works.

Mr. Rex Omar emphasized that, the lack of respect for the creative industry and the continuous disregard for compensating creative works has been a major challenge for all stakeholders in the industry. He concurrently revealed that, this situation is that bad to the extent that, he as a father, will never advise any of his children to take up music wholly without other side careers or ventures.

When asked about what his office GHAMRO was doing about the situation, he revealed that Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) is currently in a legal battle with some institutions, like the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), and all the telecommunications companies, MTN, Vodafone and the likes.

Rex Omar added that, his outfit (GHAMRO) is taking steady steps to salvage the situation. Nonetheless, the organization lacks adequate hardware and software strength to man the required progress, in view of that, he urged private individuals and corporations to reconsider investing in the industry.

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