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Rex Omar Shares Two Reasons Why Ghanaian Music Groups Keep Falling Apart.

Akyeame, Praye, 5Five just to mention a few, were some critically acclaimed Ghanaian music groups which had to fall apart due to certain unknown reasons. 

Quite recently, the disintegration of music groups has been on ascendancy, as popular music groups like 4X4, Dobble and Wutah have all had to be dissolved at one point in time. While some groups like Wutah have been/are being revived, some groups like Dobble have accepted the situation and are currently building individual careers.

Even though some groups make a uniform decision without blemish, to go their separate ways, factors such as greed, hatred, complacency amongst several other unprogressive traits have been cited to be the causes of music group break ups.

HighLife legend, Rex Omar was asked to give his two-cents on why music groups fall apart, inferring from his experience with Adesoa band – a music group of which he was a member, during his prime. Rex Omar opined that, insufficient income and negative stories and content from the media, are two reasons why popular Ghanaian groups have had to part ways, with the former being the main reason.

He explained that, due to the inability to generate sufficient income to adequately cater for each and every member of the group, individuals in the group tend to conceive thoughts that convince them that they would be better off with individual careers. He added that in circumstances like this, group members with substantial roles like the music writing, may feel the urge to break free from the group and develop themselves individually. 

Speaking to Gh one TV’s Regina Van Helvert on Rythmz Live, Rex Omar revealed that, some of the media outlets and personalities were to blame – making references to some unhealthy, and less informed stories and rumors that break spirits and spark loyalty breaches among music group members.

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