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GHANA EVENT AWARDS: How To Vote For Your Favorite And Deserving Nominees

The 2018 edition of the annual Ghana Event Awards has been launched, nominees have been unveiled and being voted for, awaiting a very spectacular climax event on the 7th of September, 2018.

Here is how to vote for your favorite and deserving nominees.

The voting can be done via mobile phone by buying a certain number of votes in favor of your the nominee you want to vote for. Follow these 6 simple steps to cast your votes.

1. Dial *713*714#

2. Select the first option (Ghana Event Awards)

3. Choose the category in which your nominee has been enlisted)

4. Identify and choose your nominee from the list 

5. Indicate the number of votes you are willing to cast for your nominee (Each vote costs 50 pesewas)

6. Proceed to make payment and vote.

Alternatively, you can visit web.speakupp.com or download the speak upp mobile application via google play store to cast your vote. Do not hesitate to call this number (0546272150) for clarifications and enquiries.
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