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LUCKY Has To Be One of Your Favorite Ghanaian Films. Look Out For The Premiere On September 7.

The Ghanaian film industry is under siege but rest assured, there are still some geniuses unperturbed by the said industry hardships - zero financing support models, amongst others.

'Lucky the movie' is the debut film of Abstrakte Studios, a consortium of some Ghanaian visual super creatives. 

The movie tells the story of Lucky Berimah Mensa, a young Ghanaian university student and his hot social media date whom he cannot afford. The movie features indie actors Kumi Obuobisa, Akofa Edjeani Asiedu, Solomon Fixon Owoo and some popular screen faces like renowned actor Fred Amugi, and popular vocalist Efya.

Lets give you a scoop of the behind the scenes action, photographed in the making of the movie.

Lucky the movie is scheduled to appear in cinemas and theaters on September 7. Enjoy the official trailer.
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