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[Music]: U.R Forster - I'M AN ANIMAL (Prod by Bra Cypha)

Kumasi based rapper U.R Forster has released a new master piece - I'M AN ANIMAL, a harmonious blend of spoken word performance and rythmic rap.

In this new release, U.R Forster begins by immersing himself in the natural wonders and feels of a typical Ghanaian early morning. Afterwards, all he does is to consistently remind you that he indeed is an animal, a type that is merciless with the way he kills his verses.

He brilliantly expresses his narratives, likening most of them to animals. Like an expression in the 38th minute where he says he has to take the bull by the horns because he cannot  bear to have his life regarded as a monkey business. How genius?

This is almost turning into a review, let us cut it short. Enjoy the song and check back later for a review of U.R Forster's I'M AN ANIMAL.

U.R Forster - I'M AN ANIMAL (Prod by Bra Cypha)

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