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Andy Dosty Defends Abi Monage’s Comments On Ghanaian Female Artists Not Having Anything Special In Their Music | WATCH

Abi Monage, Ghanaian new female singer in an exclusive interview with Freddy on XLive FM revealed that she doesn’t see anything special in the music produced by female artists in the country.
Today, on Hitz FM, Day Break Hitz host Andy Dosty doesn’t see anything wrong with what Abi Monage said as it’s her opinion.
Although Abi Monage didn’t mention any names, she kept on pressing that she doesn’t see any special stuff about music produced by females in the music industry.
Watch Andy Dosty support Abi Monage below.
Enjoy “Sugar” By Abi Monage below.
Facebook: Abi Monage
Twitter : @Abimonage
Instagram: @Abimonna
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