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20 pesewas a day, 70 pesewas a week, 2.50 a month. Aftown partners with MTN to Give Ghanaians A True Music Experience.

Did you know, you could stream unlimited Ghanaian music on Aftown.com, with no money at all? We will show you how, kindly read on.

Aftown music platform moved from being an online music shop with less than 30 customers in 2016 to a current total audience of over 50,000 subscribers.

Today, the 12th of February, it has launched a partnership with MTN to give Ghanaians a true music experience, by making music more accessible and affordable for the average Ghanaian user.

The event which took place at the MTN head office in Accra was attended by music and media stakeholders together with key personalities from Ghana's biggest telco joint-MTN like Mr. Bless Sefarnu Agordjo (Products and services manager).

Mr Agordjo revealed that the network as part of its 'the year of the customer' agenda, is putting in place measures to treat MTN service customers to nothing but the very best of communication and related services. Just like the recently held MTN Digital  Music Conference, this partnership is geared towards the prosperity of the creative arts industry. 
Our partnership with aftown emanates from our quest for indigenous Ghanaian businesses to grow within our ecosystem and within Ghana where we operate. After vibrant young indigenous young entrepreneurs who want to help the creative arts industry as we have been doing in the past
Mr Seneadza, Head of Tech at Aftown added that, the music platform with this partnership aims at revolutionizing the digital music space in Ghana. For the first time ever, airtime instead of actual money, can be used as a currency to get music on Aftown and for now this is only limited to MTN users. 

For as low as 20 pesewas airtime, MTN users will be able to purchase a full day subscription on Aftown. Weekly and monthly charges come at 70 pesewas and 2.50 pesewas respectively.

With over 2.3 million hits already, Aftown envisions to see Ghanaian music industry get everything it needs  to survive the digital revolution.

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