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'I Am A Lyrical Person, So, Rap Chose Me' - Kay KITI Tells Us More About Himself and His Music..

Emmanuel Kwame Mawuli Abotsiga is one of the amazing unsung rappers from Ghana. He hails from Kpando in the Volta region of Ghana, and was raised in Ashaiman and for some part of his life, New Takoradi in the Western region.

On our new session - 'Me and My Art', we went into in his life and his journey as a musician. Enjoy

Kay Kiti as he is popularly referred to, had his early basic education at the Oxford International School, Ashaiman and then furthered on to Zion College of West Africa for his secondary education.

For a young 12 year old Ashaiman boy, fascinated by hood jams and school fun fairs, music began for him at a very early age. Kay Kiti recounts his early Adom Fm Kasahare days with Pope Skinny, where he together with a couple more artistes like Kay Tee, Abebew, Abombelet etc took turns to project their lyrical abilities.

However, music started professionally for him only in 2014, he claims he realised music was something he loved to do but it really never dawned on him that music was what his life was all about. Asking him why he finally settled on the music as a career, he said
' I was doing it all this while, at some point i just realised this is my talent and i had a lot of good in me to share with the world.'
Kay Kiti has been around established names in the industry currently like Gallaxy and Donzy. We asked him what genre of music he does and he had this to say:
I like to explore my options and create more challenges for my self as an artiste, trying to experiment with other music forms and genres, but i am lyrical and so rap chose me.
His convictions about the music art and his sense of reasoning as a rapper was irregular, talking to him, it was easy to note that he really does not conceptualise artistic success as an end state where everything gets flashy, but rather a state where you are able to defeat your selfishness and decide to share your truths and your lies, alike, with any one ready to lend an ear. More reason why he described all his colleague Ashaiman based artistes like 2fyngers, Jay Tee as his favorite rappers.

According to him, rappers have their own paths and burdens, and usually for some, it takes a longer time for people to make meaning out of their bars. But that does not make them bad rappers.
For me, rap is about people's stories and convictions, how can someone not like another person's story...its not even yours to make that decision. 
Kay Kiti revealed that his number one objective with his music was to preach the horrors and greatness around him to the world. A feat he strongly wills to achieve with his debut song titled 'Beriori',- an awareness campaign against police injustice in Ghanaian inner cities.

We ended the session by asking him for his three top most principles for life and he replied:
Love (real genuine love), Honesty and Loyalty.

Here are some photos of Kay Kiti taken by our in-house photographer - Felix Tetteh. Be on the look out for his debut single: Beriori.

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