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Twitch's 'Happy Everyday' Song is an Essential Record and A Free Get-Away Train From all The Stress in the Air.

In an era of all the 'boot for boot' insecurities,  and the 'cedi uselessly chasing the dollar' and unstandardized societal standards, Twitch's 'Happy Everyday' song is an essential record and a free get away train from all the stress in the air.

Twitch. Source: Twitter.com/musicstwitch
This is literally a Ground Up record, and guess who is on the track again - Twitch!! On this ingenious Kayso production, Twitch preaches happiness, admonishing people to grow tougher skins to their worries rather than letting it drown them. 

Twitch. Source: Twitter.com/musicstwitch

All the brilliance and authenticity in this record cannot go unnoticed. In the second verse, twitch cleverly tells us a story about a regretful young girl who refuses to let her worries out. She goes on with her life taking happy pictures, like nothing is wrong. 

In the same story is another person (could be any of us), drooling over these pictures (of the regretful girl), fantasizing about the surface glitter which pressures the person (us) and gets him/her (us) chasing the wrong things in life with absolutely no idea of the actual picture behind the camera.

In the end, we are all a bunch of unhappy people, who lack Vitamin Twitch's new song 'Happy Everyday'.
No doubt, the song is a happy song, but beyond that, Twitch deserves commendations for speaking about this cancerous canker which is eating the very essence of life, out of our minds


God bless our homeland Ghana, and make KaySo great and strong. 

Listening to this new song, you can easily tell that this Kayso energy stems from an irregular source. This song is not just a happy song but a a significance and a celebration of KaySo's steady recovery from depression. (NB: This is only an assertion arrived at, by reviewing Twitch's new song. It is worthy of note that neither Kayso or any one from his camp, was contacted prior to this publication)

Just like all creatives, KaySo battled with depression and admitted it with a tweet saying:
Culartblog an online portal for arts and entertainment in Ghana reported in one of their articles, revealing that this depression made KaySo unable to produce songs. However, from that moment on, after he released Abena, KaySo rejuvenated and was ready to go through the mill, to get this 'ill feeling' done with.

It is from this view, that we make this assertion that KaySo's contribution in the production of Twitch's 'Happy Everyday' record has a relation to his glorious battle with depression.


From the minions, sunflower, the sun itself, one cannot be far from right by saying yellow is the official color for happiness. With the 'comic sans' font, smiley emoji, ground up signage ladder, we conclude that the artwork for Twitch's 'Happy Everyday' song could not have been done any better.

Go on and enjoy the song. Let us know your thoughts. Feel free to share it with us on  social media.

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