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"I Speak For The Streets, They Know Me Well". Kwesi Arthur Goes All Out In New Tim Westwood Freestyle

Kwesi Arthur's Tim Westwood freestyle session just got released and any GroundUp fan, already knows that result can never be disappointing.

Kwesi went all out in this freestyle, calling himself a speaker for his people, rapping about the country's many 'beefs' with its millennial, how stressful it is having to put up with the fast growth, how his mum wishes she could see him more, yet for reasons mutually agreed to, she would rather see him less.

Amidst all this, he has a stoic resolve that, it can only get better from here, shouting out his colleagues, Medikal, Kidi, King Promise and a few others, and assuring them that they will tour the world, most definitely.

This is a deep one, a brief session themed on all the ills we relate to - we will call term this a very 'Kwesi Arthur' freestyle. Go on and enjoy.

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