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Photograph by: Sewor Yao
He rendered the whole of Sarkodie's 2 minutes 57 seconds 2013 'Illuminati' hit record in Ewe, a project that scored him massive respect as a young rapper and a growing artiste. 

Robert Kwame Adomey, popularly known as Robert H.U.D, has since 2016 - when he began music professionally, experimented with many genres, Hiplife, hiphop and occasionally Afrobeats, challenging himself to be a jack of many trades.

Robert is highly optimistic of his career, terming his artistic success as a highly undisputed destiny - a tag he has attached to his name 'H.U.D' and wears proudly.

Photograph by: Sewor Yao

Robert H.U.D does not subscribe to the narrative of being inspired by a particular event, thing or phenomenon. According to him, the entirety of life, its daily fails is what gets him going influencing him to juggle concepts and create music.

Photograph by: Sewor Yao

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Twitter: @Roberthud9
Instagram : @Robert_hud9
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