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Ghanaian Dancehall Artiste Mula Gad Recording with LAURA RUDEWIG

Mula Gad , Ghana- Ashaiman based versatile musician who’s message preached is mostly geared towards Afrobeat and Reggae. He is set to release a new music which he collaborated with LAURA RUDEWIG, one of Europe’s young talented singers who adds up to be law student from Luxembourg, a country which has Germany,France and Belgium situated around it . The core goal of this music set to be released have made it ways into various headlines due to it primary quest ( To Preach Against Racism). 
Here, having Mula Gad represent the black community while LAURA RUDEWIG presents the white community depicting unity for others to follow suit. RACISM per google : prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. This act have deduced to much uncalled for act between the whites and black community resulting in unhealthy well being and living. To attain the quest of uniting and promoting equal Justice in the world, this great piece is dubbed ONE WORLD. Date for it release have not been disclosed yet but LAURA RUDEWIG and Mula Gad are currently in Ghana working with Black Africa Studios on the visuals of this awesome initiative.

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