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16-Year-Old Rapper, Don Elvi Arrested By Police For Driving Mercedes Benz With A License

Don Elvi, Ghanaian fast-rising rapper who recently released two new back to back single to announce his presence officially in the music industry has been arrested.
The “Balling” hitmaker was caught up by the Ghana Police for driving a 4Matic Mercedes Benz with having a License.
According to close sources, the rapper actually owns this car to his name and normally cruise around town whenever he wants to.
Not been on a lucky side this time around, he was arrested by the police who kept asking for his license.
As at now, we have no information about his whereabouts, if he is at the police station or he has been freed.
In other news, the rapper signed to Carozon Entertainment has been endorsed by worldwide producer DJ Beezy and award-winning controversial actress Rosemond Brown for producing such a hit, giving the hip-hop world more hope in the Ghanaian Music industry.
View Don Elvi by his car below.

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