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Learning has always been a social activity, typically involving the sharing of meaningful information to a ready audience via particular medium. In today’s age of fast paced technology and vibrant interactions with the advent of the internet and social media, it has become now easier and more convenient to share information and experiences without any limitations, be it geographical or physical.

Septwitter, an online project facilitated by Motionhype Ghana is a quest in such direction, primarily aimed at creating a Ghanaian social and experiential learning movement. It thrives on the back of Twitter’s very interactive capabilities to open conversations of teeming interests to millennials, calling on twitter users to air opinions on diverse topics. Simply, the initiative provides credible information on-demand.

The initiative is rooted deeply in the concepts of social and experiential learning established by the renowned Albert Bandura, and Motionhype Ghana being a media management and marketing outfit has subjected this initiative to tried and tested principles of connectivism, e learning and many others.

This year’s edition of Septwitter promises a much-improved result, with the introduction of structured processes which considers everyone as a learner, empowering everyone to participate – ultimately churning out all-inclusive proceedings. We will handle one theme every  week of September, 

  1.  Digital Space in Ghana 
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. Youth in Politics 
  4. Sanitation: The Behavioural Shift.


  • To amplify experiences and best practices of carefully selected phenomenon/subjects 
  • relating to millennials
  • To leverage on social media, especially twitter to create an all-inclusive learning 
  • experience for all.
  • To wield an online space dedicated to organisational and societal progress and growth.

Why Twitter?

Twitter has a lot of features, that renders the platform very ideal for interaction and a conducive social and experiential learning environment.

What about the rest?

Results from our activities will be processed into other content forms like audio visuals, videos, podcasts etc and published on blogs and all other social media platforms like facebook etc.

Our Approach

Septwitter is rooted in rooted in three main learning concepts: social, experiential and connectivism. We will deal with one unified approach that conceptualizes every one as a learner.


Find us on Twitter: @Motionhypegh
All emails can be sent to info@motionhypeghana@gmail.com
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