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Afro Dance Culture Event To Be Held In Ghana This December. Dance With A Purpose Academy Announces.

December in Ghana is shaping up very perfectly, as people from far and near - Ghana and abroad anticipate a tall list of events and fun activities. The latest addition to this tall list of events is Dance With Purpose Academy's festival dubbed AfroDanceCulture .

Afrodance Culture is set to be a week-long dance event in celebration of dance and the Afrobeat culture, starting from the 19th to the 24th of December, 2019. 

The event as announced by  renowned dancers like Dancegodloyd and Afrobeast and the entire Dance With A Purpose Academy team will include stage plays, dance classes. 

It is expected to be an annual fellowship of dancers all over the world, who are intrigued and empowered by the Afrobeats culture.
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