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Mallam Issah,  a former Minister for Youth and Sports under the first term of ex-President has called on delegates to vote for Lawyer Amanda Clinton in the upcoming GFA elections. 

In an interview with Kumasi based Akoma FM, Mallam Issah also reiterated the Normalisation Committee's failure.

The former Minister who was incacirated in 2001 over missing bonuses believes that Amanda Clinton's neutrality will be key when voted for. 

"I see the lady as somebody who cannot be manipulated by whoever is going to superintend over the GFA. She is someone who doesn't owe anybody".

He also hinted that candidates like Mr. George Afriyie have nothing more to offer based on his connection with the past GFA. 

"George Afriyie has been there for years.  When all this was going on what did he say or do? Why was not criticizing?  Because they were all together?"

The uncertainty about elections however  heightens each day with Mr. Osei Palmer eager to be reinstated as a candidate. The election was slated for 25/10/19.

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