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Nana Sam Brew Butler,  a former Chairman of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) in the mid 1990s is somewhat undecided on which candidate to vote for in the impending GFA elections. 

Speaking to Kumasi based Akoma FM, the Executive Chair for Mysterious Ebusua Dwarfs made it clear that he has been keenly monitoring the ins and outs of all the candidates in a bid to help shape the future of the popular sport. 

"I'm still monitoring. We have 2 days to go.  I'm putting my ears to the ground. I'm still searching around."

The football guru also welcomed the idea of the novelty Debate for the candidates whilst also denying any form of direct influence from any of the candidates in the wake of other clubs publicly declaring who they support. 

""At least we can see the composure of everyone and also how they react to unexpected questions. We got an appreciation of how they intend to tackle various aspects of the administration of football. In general it was a good exercise".

Nana Butler revealed that anytime any candidate has called on him he only requested for their manifesto for a read which he believes will inform his decision making at the Congress grounds on Friday. 

"I can say on record that nobody has dared to influence our sense of direction.  Myself and the club? No one! I have even shyed away meeting people. 1 or 2 have managed to ambush me somewhere but I have said to let me have their manifesto to read".

He added lastly that by time Thursday winds down, he'll have made a choice on who to vote for. 

"I speak to people here and there and I'm checking on the contestants and I'm getting feedback. Tomorrow I'll be very clear who I'm voting for".

With Mr. Osei Palmer disqualified based on the vetting hearing, 6 candidates get to compete on Friday. 

Credit; Akoma FM  87.9 , Sports Nation 
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