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Mr. Fred Pappoe, one of the 6 candidates tipped to occupy the vacant GFA Presidential seat believes restoring the credibility and integrity of the FA is the way forward. In an interview with Kumasi based Akoma FM ahead of his impending press launch today, the Board Member of OlympicsFC also outlined steps to get the Football Association to be autonomous. 

"The core of mine is to put in place a number of interventions at the governance level to restore the credibility and integrity of the FA. The main focus will be to repair the brand through programmes and reforms".

He stressed on the need for accountability, financial transparency and code of ethics to turn a new leaf at the FA to make it attractive to the general public, the corporate bodies and the government as well. 

Going on, he touched on the relevance of the non-delegates like the media and general public towards winning the elections. 

"We are primarily targeting the delegates but we also know the non-delegates are key stakeholders in the game. It's a multi-target but the primary target are the delegates. The message will also go to them in a way to bring some pressure to the delegates".

He added that his manifesto will be unique since he didn't pay much attention to the launch done by the others. On the issue of government interference in the discipline, Mr. Pappoe who was an Executive Committee member from 2005 to 2015 had this to say;

"In the appointment of National Team Coaches, I cannot say from my experience that government intervenes. I don't think since I left the Executive Committee, there has been a change to that since I was part of the panel that selected Avram Grant". 

Recognising the government as a key stakeholder, he intends to create a structure that will incorporate their contributions whilst the FA works to achieve autonomy in the long run. 

"We need to have something like the Public Interest Committee with a standard corporation agreement even put up by FIFA itself. 2 members each from the government and the FA to create a platform for such discussions. In the medium to the long term, we can generate our own funds and take that responsibility. In the interim, no one can deny the beneficial role of the government to the FA.

The launch is billed to take place at the Accra City Mall, New AMA Office Complex, The Octagon, Accra -Central on Thursday, October 10th.

Credit; Akoma 87.9FM Sports Nation

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