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Sanitation in Ghana: A Behavioral Shift - A Discussion with Recyle Up Ghana (#SEPTWITTER)

 Septwitter, an online project facilitated by Motionhype Ghana is aimed at creating a Ghanaian social and experiential learning movement. It thrives on the back of Twitter’s very interactive features to open conversations of teeming interests to millennials, calling on twitter users to air opinions on diverse topics.

Four our forth week of Septwitter, we discussed waste management with Recycle Up Ghana - an NGO with a prime focus on re-shaping the sanitation landscape of Ghana through training and practice.

 Value of Waste

Recycle Up Ghana in its quest to see a world free from waste, has initiated a lot of projects and yet more are in the pipeline. Ultimately, the organisation conceptualises waste as an essential commodity, that needs effective management. To ascertain this value of waste, we asked RUGhana, for their thoughts on the value.

Poor Waste Management Results (why?)

Recycle Up ghana did not quite agree with tagging Ghana's waste management results as a failed cause. However it agreed to the major elements of the discussion theme which has to do with the attitudinal challenge of waste management  on our part, as citizens.
We learnt about an acronym developed to conceptualize the main causes of waste management issues in Ghana.

Ghana's Waste Management Culture

What the Future Holds

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