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The Digital Space in Ghana - A SEPTWITTER Discussion With Bryan The Mensah, Jonilar and Francis Essel Etetere.

Septwitter, an online project facilitated by Motionhype Ghana is aimed at creating a Ghanaian social and experiential learning movement. It thrives on the back of Twitter’s very interactive features to open conversations of teeming interests to millennials, calling on twitter users to air opinions on diverse topics.

For our first week, we discussed at length on the topic: Digital Space in Ghana, specifically in the music and design industry with Bryan The Mensah (an artiste), Jonilar (a blogger with Jonilar.net), and Francis Essel Etetere (a designer). Here are some highlights from the discussion.

All over the world, digital technologies have been mainstreamed into almost every aspect of the economy - finance, arts, architecture etc. The exponential rise in the patronage of digital technologies globally, can be attributed to its high level of efficiency when it comes to productivity and other related improvement tendencies.

We asked, if Ghana's digital space was thriving or at a stage where nothing at all seemed to be moving.

Francis Essel Etetere, a digital designer had this to say.
Bryan the Mensah opined in a similar direction,emphasizing that the digital space is not in its full gloom however, artistes keep writing their won codes and defining their own journeys along the road.

From Jonilar,
He added that, the space lacked institutional authorities and structures hence all efforts being facilitated independently by several individual players with widely different direction, philosophies and interests.
However, BryanTheMensah shared a related thought in a different light, pushing the reliance from local authorities and institutions which are currently non-existent and non-functional, to some more trusted work-for-hire brands at the international level.
Generally, the submissions brought forth by our three discussants, pointed the Ghanaian digital space to a direction plagued with inadequate structures, laws, systems and a weak business environment for investment.

We now ask, our discussants the way forward. 

Jonilar posits emphatically, that education is one of the greatest remedies to turn things around, specifically with the problems of piracy in the music industry.
Francis Essel Etetere also threw his weight behind the education as a recommendation for Ghana's thriving digital space saying:

Bryan The Mensah outlined a list of recommendations, some that appeared that advice to his fellow creatives. According to Bryan the Mensah, a lot opportunities are up for grabs, and whatever challenges plaguing the digital space currently should not be an excuse not scale-up efforts and improve results and value.

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With this feature, we wish to extend our profound gratitude to all of our followers and discussants for being part of this theme.
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